EDM Superdrills (or Small Hole EDMs) are the machines for express and precise drilling of narrow and deep holes in hard electrically conductive materials, which are difficult to process using traditional technologies or when it is impossible to drill a hole in another way.
With EDM Superdrills, the ratio of diameter to depth can reach 1: 100!

EXCETEK started production of EDM Superdrills in 2006.

CNC machines (CNC series) and ZNC universal machines with Z-axis programming are produced.

As a leading manufacturer of machinery, Excetek team strive to meet the highest and ever-growing demands of the buyers and consumers. To this end, the research and development department is constantly improving the quality of EDM drilling machines and technologies.

EDM Express-Drilling of Small (+Deep) Holes in (Hard) Electrocondutive Materials

Электроэрозия отверстий с Excetek HD

EXCETEK EDM Superdrills

    • Dielectric work fluid = deionized (distilled) water, without additives
    • Electrodes = tubular (hollow), brass or copper electrodes
    • Pressure flushing through a hollow electrode
Excetek HD sample




XYZ axis travel400 x 300 x 400 mm600 × 400 × 400 mm800 × 600 × 600 mm 
Max table loadmax. 500 kgmax. 800 kgmax. 1500 kg 


XYZ axis travel300 × 200 × 345 mm350 × 300 × 345 mm450 × 350 × 345 mm
Max table loadmax. 150 kgmax. 350 kgmax. 450 kg