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Company Profile

Intensive development makes the profession more powerful; diligence in all respects makes wire cutting machinery outstanding. In March 2006, the EXCETEK establish a R&D and technical team with extensive experience, persisting on independent research and development, using the high core competence in electromechanical development to build the outstanding function and quality of CNC wire cutting machines, using innovation, marketability and practicability to successfully develop the wire cutting machine with turbine engine only used for aerospace industry. The use of design and manufacturing especially for customized models shows our differentiated advantage. We successfully market our own brand to be sold in more than 30 countries in the world, which can be described as the pride of Taiwan and admirable MIT enterprise. It is worth to be mentioned we won sixteenth RisingStar Award in 2013, twenty-second Taiwan SMEawar, and 2015 Golden Hand award Taichung, furthermore, there are a range of products will be selected for Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Mr. Richard Chang, the general manager, engaged in enhancing the differentiation of the main core technology by analyzing market, taking priority to open up market in Europe and USA. With optimizing quality, innovative technology and mid-price to go into the target market. Forming high cost-effective to sold to Italy, Germany, and Poland successfully. Up to now, agents spread throughout Europe.

In order to meet customers’ needs, EXCETEK get the ISO quality, and CE safety international certification, we provide high-quality after-sale system and standard, establishing integrated sales and marketing service, due to the appreciation from customer, EXCETEK become the first choice in wire cutting machine industry. It is worth to be mentioned that EXCETEK wire cutting machines sold to all over the world in ten years.

Innovative R&D controls core competitiveness

EXCETEK inputs research and development of various new product technologies and successfully sells our products home and abroad. Major items are described as below:

In 2009, the R2000 wire cutting machine with turbine engine only used for aerospace industry. This model is a unique innovative product in the world and has obtained the new invention patent in Taiwan and America and the new type patent in Germany. This model is successfully sold to Europe market. In the same year, we developed the remote intelligent monitoring software for wire cutting machines. This software can monitor 64 machines at the same time and equipped with like statistical analysis of utilization, processing schedule and plan, and database sharing of every machine.

In 2010, the world largest V3280 wire cutting machine was successfully developed. This machine is measured 3,000mm*2,800mm in XY stroke, marked by the dual-head and 8-axial control, and used for machining large-sized molds. This model is a unique innovative product in the world and has obtained the new type patent in Taiwan and is successfully sold to Italy.

In 2012, the model V500GL with linear motor was launched for enhancing machining precision, and the advanced remote monitoring system was successfully launched. This system can be connected to all machines through Wi-Fi and can use the tablet or portable smart telephone to monitor.

In 2013, we developed the Z axis 10000mm machine which the highest the larger wire cutting machine, and we provide integrated project in a series of CNC EDM, CNC Microspores machines.

Lean production and operation management gathers teamwork spirit

To gather the teamwork spirit, we must have a good management system. EXCETEK introduced the lean production in manufacturing system in 2010. The introduction of the lean production is used to discover and improve the blind spot existing in conventional production, eliminate waste in process, and reduce unnecessary resource investment so as to strengthen the capacity of the overall supply chain and shorten the in-process time, improving quality, enhancing working performance, reducing total cost, increasing safety and morale of employees and customer satisfaction.

EXCETEK uses an integrated finance and internal control system in financial management. Since 2006, Deloitte & Touche has helped our company to audit and issue finance report. We convoke the board of directors meeting at regular and establish the finance transparent and safe management. As for e-management, EXCETEK has established ERP, CRM, KM and HRIS systems, integrating production, R&D, sell and finance to achieve the maximum management benefit.

Employee-centered principle carries out industry-academy cooperation

Development of human resource is very important. We pay more attention on employees’ training plan and implementation, focusing on talent cultivation, discipline and organizational learning to establish a high-quality enterprise culture.

We organize the Employee Welfare Committee by law. Each employee will be one of the committee members from working in our company and will obtain the rights and welfare.

We emphasize industry-academy cooperation. We have closely R&D cooperate with National Cheng Kung University, Huafan University and Chung Hua University. Furthermore, in order to execute lean management, we cooperate with Tunghai University, meanwhile, we provide the internship opportunity to Tunghai University and the National Chung Hsing University so that students not only can get to know the employment environment in advance but also can achieve a two-way enhancement by integrating the school resources.

Trust、Innovation Sustainable happiness enterprise

Each step EXCETEK stridden represents that Taiwan wire cutting machines have made a big improvement. We will continue to make efforts to innovate R&D and lean production so as to establish the continuously improved enterprise culture.

Adhering to the business philosophy “Trustiness” and “Innovation”, targeting the Initial Public Offering (IPO), we hope to build the world-class sustainable happy enterprise.

Vision: To contribute to the world with high-quality machines.

 Business philosophy :

“Dependency” is to trust technology, quality and service, and to create customer satisfaction and staff happiness is the witness of trustiness.

“Innovative” technology is key to success, and we should lead demand, devote ourselves to product improvement, lead social need, focus on commodity development, and make efforts to technologies and services that satisfy with customers.


  • Inauguration ceremony of Fengzhou Plant and New Office Building.
  • Taiwan Excellence Awards:V500GL,V1280-Z800”
  • Honored with the 14th ” Golden Hand Award “


  • Taiwan Excellence Awards:R2000,V650G”


  • Honored with the 22th ” National Award “
  • Honored with the 16th ” Rising Star Award “
  • Start of Fengzhou Plant and New Office Building.


  • Successfully developed the step process of wire cutting and the estimate technique of workpiece thickness.
  • The subsidiary “Dongguan Jinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.” was established, and the paid-in capital is RMB 1 million.


  • Successfully developed the world largest wire cutting machine V3280, and its XY travel is 3200mm*2800mm.
  • Successfully developed the first set of wire cutting machine equipped with workpiece auto exchange device in Taiwan.


  • Successfully developed controller remote monitoring and processing date collection technology.
  • Successfully developed small horizontal VP-500 high-precision wire cutting machine.
  • Successfully developed combined type wire cutting machine with aerospace turbine engine, which was sold overseas.
  • Successfully developed 6-axis wire cutting machine and controller.


  • Increased capital NTD 28 million, and the paid-in capital is NTD 108 million, developed business operation in the Greater China Region.
  • Launched high-frequency Super Finishing power supply, which highly increases finished surface roughness.
  • Launched Z-axis 800 large-size AWT wire cutting machine.
  • Established Kunshan EXCETEK Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Its paid-in capital is USD 200 thousand, and the paid-in capital is USD 600 thousand after capital increase.


  • Successfully developed high-frequency fine truing technology so that the machining face can be Ra0.1um below.
  • Participated in German EMO show and successfully entered European market.
  • Successfully developed ultra large type wire cutting machine V2000, and FOB Japan to develop Japanese market successfully.
  • Developed the auto threading system that can pass through 500mm thick workpiece easily.
  • Launched machines like V380, V500, V650 and V750 in TIMTOS show.


  • Participated in ISMEX official exhibition.
  • Developed super large wire cutting machine with 2,000mm travel.
  • Developed the first set of utility Windows XP CNC-wire cutting machine controller in Taiwan.
  • Increased capital NTD 46.4 million,and the paid-in capital is NTD 80 million. Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. became the institutional shareholder, and established strategic alliance.
  • Registered capital NTD 33.6 million, and established “EXCETECK Technologies Co., Ltd.” in Taichung.
2015AprTaiwan Excellence Awards “V500GL,V1280-Z800”
JunROC patent certificate No.I468245 “Prevention of wire-break”
2014AprTaiwan Excellence Awards “R2000,V650G”
2013DecSGS ISO 9001:2008
OctROC patent certificate No.M463160 “Wire electrical discharging and EDM drill hybrid link machine
Honored with the 22th “National Award”
SepROC patent certificate No.M460738 “Two head wire electrical discharging machine”
Honored with the 16th “Rising Star Award”
AprAcquisition of ROC patent certificate No.I393601 “Wire Cutting Machine Auto Initial Cutting Hole Locating Device”
FebAcquisition of ROC patent certificate No.I385041 “Wire-cutting EDM V2000”
2012OctU.S. patent certificate No.US 8,2,78,585 B2“Wire-cutting EDM V2000”
AprUK AMTRI CE certificate “Electro-discharge machinery R Series”
2011MarROC patent certificate No.I337908 “Water tank structure of wire-cutting machine”
2010DecSGS ISO 9001:2008
AugSweden INSPECTA CE certificate “Electric Discharge Machine VG Series”
JulROC patent certificate No.M383459 “Liquid-level control device of wire cutter processing tank”
ROC patent certificate No.M383460 “Processing-waste detection device of wire cutter”
MarGerman patent certificate No. 20 2010 003 517.7 ”Drahteinfangvorrichtung”
2009JulU.S. patent certificate No.US 7,557,323 B2“Wire-cutting EDM”
2008JunROC patent certificate No.I297626 “Wire device of wire cutting machine”
2007OctROC patent certificate No.M320450 “Improved door-in-door structure of wire cutter”
ROC patent certificate No. M320451 “Automatic message sending system of wire cutter
AugSGS ISO 9001:2000
MarAcquisition of German patent certificate No.202007004 305.8 ”Drahteinfangvorrichtung”

Technology R&D innovation

EXCETECK continuously has invested in various new products and new technologies research and development since its establishment. Although it was established for only 6 years, it can continuously challenge the industry, and use several new wire cutting technologies and new inventions to take the lead in Taiwan and is unequaled globally. The key technologies and inventions are as follows:

  • In October, 2007, we used the high-frequency (Max 4Mhz) oscillatory discharge technology to successfully develop wire-cutting high-frequency truing technology so that the machining face of our wire-cutting products can be Ra0.1um below and substantially reduce time required for truing and break through the wire-cutting technical bottleneck in Taiwan. Therefore, our products can compete with large-scale wire-cutting factories in Europe and Japan.
  • In March, 2009, we delivered the first wire cutting machine equipped with workpiece auto exchange system in Taiwan, which can automatically process small-size and continuous multiple molds, and this machine was exhibited in Taipei Machine Tool Show.
  • In October, 2009, we executed governmental SBIR project and successfully developed R2000 wire cutting machine with turbine engine. This machine is an unequaled new product and has obtained Taiwan and European patent for new invention. This machine is mainly used for processing aerospace turbine engine and hydraulic and thermal power generator turbine rim. With the independent developed 6-axis controller, D2300 NC controlled index plate, auto waste discharging system, and high-speed machining power, customers can process products round the clock. This machine has been successfully sold to European market and purchased by turbine suppliers of Siemens.
  • In December, 2009, we successfully developed the intelligent type remote monitoring software for wire cutting, which can monitor 64 machines simultaneously, and has machine activation statistic analysis and remote processing schedule, and processing database share.
  • In October, 2010, we successfully developed the world largest wire cutting machine V3280,and its XY travel is 3200mm*2800mm. This machine uses the double wire-cutting noses to share the machine body, and has the 8-axial control function. It is used in large-size mold processing and has been successfully sold to Italy. This machine is a patent pending machine.
  • In February, 2011, we used the discharge energy density detection technology and the discharge spectral analysis technology to successfully develop the first wire-cutting workpiece thickness estimate technology and step processing technology, and in March, 2011, we exhibited this machine in Taipei Machine Tool Show.

New Product Roadmap

We established the independent and complete core technologies in machinery, electronic equipment, and software and hardware. The following shows the future R&D:

  • VG series: The standard model of next generation wire cutting machine has been developed, which is aesthetic designed and ergonomic, and equal to medium and advanced machines in Japan.
  • VE series: We executed the high-quality and low-price wire cutting machine plan of the Industrial Development Bureau, launched the series of machines for India, Indonesia, and China mainland.
  • VX series: Full automatic column type large-size wire cutting machine for LCD TV industry and automobile industry, meeting market demands of Japan, Korea and Europe. This product is a key product for establishing the Japanese market.
  • ED series: Advanced CNC EDM product line is commercialized to provide agents and customers with complete products.

Keep improving to present perfectness.

“First” is not as good as “only”. We use our production technology to show us before the world. Therefore, the execution of “Lean Engineering” and the establishment of workplace environment can continuously improve workplace. Because there is no the “best”, we need to show to the world that we will do “better” forever.

We execute the “Lean Assembly” and make the assembly “station-centered”, so every work station treats the next one as a customer to obtain the best quality. We make the working hours “balanced” so that work hours are balanced and the delivery time is accurate. We make the management “visualized” because visualization can understand the assembly progress and the off-line time. We simultaneously use the 5S plan to eliminate unnecessary assembling waste. With the 5S habit, each worker can have a pleasant working environment and company competitiveness can be increased.

Our future depends on customer’s “trustiness”. Customer’s trustiness is based on our “Quality”, but quality architecture is above “production”, so we will never give up improvement and quality control.

EXETECK has passed ISO9001, produces all machines according to international quality requirements, and execute material incoming inspection, process inspection, and outgoing inspection. We carry out QCC and individual improvement activity in our company to look for sources of problems to prevent reoccurrence to let every shipped machine have satisfied quality.

After-sale service:

  • Direct service: After-sale service in Taiwan and China mainland is provided by our company. We set the north service center in Taiwan in order to provide service for regions on the north of Miaoli County. The Taiwan technology department of the headquarters provides after-sale service for south central regions.
  • Indirect service: Service is provided by agents as below
    • Engineer educational training of agents: It requires that engineers of every agent must receive technical training for more than 2 weeks in our company, and they shall return to our company to receive training at regular intervals and technical exchange shall be maintained in the future.
    • Our engineers will provide agents with repair work that agents cannot complete or process technology support, and periodically understand customer’s using conditions and current situations of machines so as to make improvements through feedback.
  • Management of repair spares: Spare warehouse is established in every marketing base,   and periodically check inventories of internal and external bases. Problems that can be repaired rapidly are repaired, and network database is estimated to establish repair spare inventory and price list. Spare inventory and delivery date of our company can be clearly checked in every repair base so as to understand deadline.