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DPM is capable of detecting digital signale signals of sparking density, providing feedback to the CNC system and calculating the sparking size.
It controls the sparking energy, wire tension force and water pressure more precisely; increases cutting speed and accuracy when cutting on irregular thickness workpieces.

Comparison using DPM technology

ModeSpeed modeAccuracy mode
Enable39 Min.±3µm
Disable58 Min.±15µm

50 holes, one cut, and shape accuracy within 4 micron.

50 holes, one main cut and shape accuracy

SGS vertification workpiece IMG

Corner eroded reduce 50%

Shape error reduce 40%

High frequency sparking energy provides Ra0.2um surface roughness with 1 rough cut plus 6 sking cuts.

  • Material : Tungsten Carbide
  • Thickness : 30mm
  • Best Surface Roughness Ra 0.14 µm

Unit : Ra

Concave section depth within surface roughness, Greatly reduce polishing time.

No control : Entrance mark depth 6µ

EM control : Concave section depth within surface roughness


Without control

Using control

A5.001 mm5.001 mm
B4.994 mm4.999 mm
Error7 µm2 µm


Without control

Using control

B0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm
D0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm