Maximum workpiece850 × 600 × 255 mm
Max. Work piece Weight600 kg
Travel of X/Y axes500 × 300 mm
Travel of U/V axes120 × 120 mm
Travel of Z axis260 mm(Submerged height 220 mm)
Wire diameter0.15~0.3mm
Number of axes controlled5 Axis AC Servo Motor
Max taper angle±26°/ 100 mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
Machine size2215 × 2480 × 2205 mm
Machine Weight3000 kg
Water tank capacity750 L
* The content of this catalogue is subject to be changed by the factory.

Standard Accessories:

  • Ion exchange resin × 10L;
  • Paper filter × 2 pcs;
  • Diamond guide × 2 pcs;
  • Upper and lower flushing nozzle × 2 pcs;
  • Energizing plates × 2 pcs;
  • Brass Wire × 1 spool;
  • Clamping tool × 1 set;
  • Vertical alignment jig × 1 set.


  • XY axis linear scale; 
  • Jumbo Feeder L-50A; 
  • Clamping Beam; 
  • Double Door; 
  • AWT; 
  • Power Slide Door (Only V650G & V850G);
  • AVR 15KVA; 
  • Signal Tower; 
  • Transformer 15KVA;
  • Short Message Service (SMS); 
  • Remote Monitor System; 
  • Super Finish Circuit; 
  • W-Axis.

Smart & Easy:

  • Plentiful cutting technologies;
  • Friendly interface、Remote;
  • Conventient feature.

High Speed reliable AWT:

  • High speed reliable AWT;
  • Threading in the slot;
  • Threading under water;
  • Reduce human resource cost when machining multi modles.

Enhance Machining Performance:

  • DPM Module;
  • Discharging Stabilizer;
  • New strategy for corner control;
  • Manual radius size machining;
  • Reduce wire marks from approach cutting;
  • New micron finish circuit.

Power Saving and Low Cost Operation:

  • Intelligent power management;
  • Compensation of wire consumption;
  • Easy to maintain and reduce cost for service.

  1. Rigid U, V truss design
  2. Stainless steel work table with hardness HRC 50°.
  3. High response AC servo motor for guaranteed accuracy
  4. Extra wide machine base.

To ensure thremal balance, RIB location is designed by finite element analysis (FEA)assuring and optimized rigid structure.

Water cooled lower arm prevents thermal expansion caused by heat buildup. Therefore the accuracy will be improved.

A rugged cast iron machine structure is the foundation of precision.

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DPM is capable of detecting digital signale signals of sparking density, providing feedback to the CNC system and calculating the sparking size.
It controls the sparking energy, wire tension force and water pressure more precisely; increases cutting speed and accuracy when cutting on irregular thickness workpieces.

Comparison using DPM technology

ModeSpeed modeAccuracy mode
Enable39 Min.±3µm
Disable58 Min.±15µm

50 holes, one cut, and shape accuracy within 4 micron.

50 holes, one main cut and shape accuracy

SGS vertification workpiece IMG

Corner eroded reduce 50%

Shape error reduce 40%

High frequency sparking energy provides Ra0.2um surface roughness with 1 rough cut plus 6 sking cuts.

  • Material : Tungsten Carbide
  • Thickness : 30mm
  • Best Surface Roughness Ra 0.14 µm

Unit : Ra

Concave section depth within surface roughness, Greatly reduce polishing time.

No control : Entrance mark depth 6µ

EM control : Concave section depth within surface roughness


Without control

Using control

A5.001 mm5.001 mm
B4.994 mm4.999 mm
Error7 µm2 µm

Continout unmanned operation day night, nonstop machining with ideal break point automatic wire threading.

  • Unnecessary to pay attention to wire bread; reduction of the operation cost.
  • The multi-jobs machining would be much easier since the machining will be automatically finished without manual command.
  • G54~59 coordinate can be utilized for automatic work-piece change.

Automatic Wire Threading

Threading at the wire break point. Annealing is used to improve the straightness of the wore. The wire can be threaded at the break point during machining, with virtually 100% reliability and without the need to return to the start hole.

Submeraged Wire Threading : Wire threading is also easy execute during submerged machining, saves time to drain and refill the work tank.

Multi-hole machining function : On the rare occasion events when the machine fails to rethread during multi-hole machining, the system will skip to the next hole. The location of the skipped hole is automatically stored in memory and can be recalled later to complete the machining.

Workpiece thickness 100mm

  • Wire annealing and cutting : 10 sec
  • Threading : 10 sec

Workpiece Thickness 800mm

  • Threading under the water at break point.

The EXCETEK AWT is very sophisticated design that provides continuous unmanned operation day and night. Unlike other systems it can thread at the point of the wire breakage.

A water jet function enables the machine to thread workpieces up to 500mm.


Without control

Using control

B0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm
D0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm