Maximum workpiece 1000 × 750 × 345 mm
Max. Work piece Weight800 kg
Travel of X/Y axes600 × 400 mm
Travel of U/V axes160 × 160 mm
Travel of Z axis350 mm / 410 mm (option)
Wire diameter0.15~0.3 mm
Number of axes controlledXY Axis Linear motor,UVZ Axis AC Servo Motor
Max taper angle±30°/ 100mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
Machine size2670 × 2965 × 2300 mm
Machine Weight4700 kg
Water tank capacity900 L
* The content of this catalogue is subject to be changed by the factory.

High Precision

  • Smart Corner Control
  • Stable Discharge Module
  • SFC Super Finish Circuit

Cost Saving

  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Save Wire Consumption
  • Low running cost


  • High speed Auto Wire Threading
  • Workpiece Transfer Robot
  • Auto Measurement and Correction

Intelligent Networking

  • Remote monitor and management
  • Connect all Controller
  • Portable device monitor


  • DPM module
  • DPM Entrance mark control
  • EF Electrolysis Free generator system

Standard Accessories:

  • XY axis linear scale;
  • Brass wire × 1 spool;
  • AWT;
  • Clamping tool × 1 set;
  • Ion exchange resin × 10L;
  • Vertical alignment jig × 1 set;
  • Paper filter × 2 pcs;
  • Diamond guide × 2 pcs;
  • Upper and lower flushing nozzle × 2 sets;
  • Energizing plates × 2 pcs.


  • Clamping Beam;
  • W-Axis;
  • AVR 15KVA;
  • Jumbo Feeder L-50A;
  • Transformer 15KVA;
  • Short Message Service (SMS);
  • Signal Tower;
  • Remote Monitor System;
  • Auto measurement system;
  • Super Finish Circuit.


High Precision

  • Smart Conrner Control、Stable Discharge Module、SFC Super Finish Circuit.


  • DPM module、Entrance mark control、EF Electrolysis Free generator system.

Cost Saving

  • Intellignet Power Management、Save Wire Consumption、Low running cost.

Intelligent Networking

  • Remote monitor and management、Connect all Controller、Portable device monitor.


  • High speed Auto Wire Threading、Workpiece Transfer Robot、Auto Measurement and Correction.

  1. Rigid U, V truss design
  2. Stainless steel work table with hardness HRC 50°.
  3. Roller LM Guide Effect supper higher Rigidity.
  4. Cast machine base designed using FEA to achieve increased rigidity.
  5. Extra wide machine base.

Mechanical Structure

Provides constant temperature of the entire machine during processing that is beneficial to precision, with its features of magnetic flux in high thrust, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low temperature varieties that can achieve lowtemperature circulation of liquid/flow within linear motor.

Povides high precision in shaping and mirror polishing during processing, with its features of linear scale in 0.1 μm high resolutions and of controller in high resolution.

1.Coil | 2. Magent | 3.Shaft | 4. Coil | 5.Magnetic flux

4-side Hardened Stainless Steel Table
  • Comply with TUV CE conformity, both safety and metal desired design with easy operation.
  • Power slider door design to save installation space and light operation.

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DPM is capable of detecting digital signale signals of sparking density, providing feedback to the CNC system and calculating the sparking size.
It controls the sparking energy, wire tension force and water pressure more precisely; increases cutting speed and accuracy when cutting on irregular thickness workpieces.

Comparison using DPM technology

ModeSpeed modeAccuracy mode
Enable39 Min.±3µm
Disable58 Min.±15µm

50 holes, one cut, and shape accuracy within 4 micron.

50 holes, one main cut and shape accuracy

SGS vertification workpiece IMG

Corner eroded reduce 50%

Shape error reduce 40%

High frequency sparking energy provides Ra0.2um surface roughness with 1 rough cut plus 6 sking cuts.

  • Material : Tungsten Carbide
  • Thickness : 30mm
  • Best Surface Roughness Ra 0.14 µm

Unit : Ra

Concave section depth within surface roughness, Greatly reduce polishing time.

No control : Entrance mark depth 6µ

EM control : Concave section depth within surface roughness


Without control

Using control

A5.001 mm5.001 mm
B4.994 mm4.999 mm
Error7 µm2 µm

200mm Submerge threading

200mm Submerge threading

400mm thickness threading in break point

Workpiece thickness 100mm
  • Wire annealing and cutting : 10 sec
  • Threading : 10 sec

The EXCETEK AWT is very sophisticated design that provides continuous unmanned operation day and night. Unlike other systems it can thread at the point of the wire breakage.

A water jet function enables the machine to thread workpieces up to 500mm.

CBefore the machining, on-line measurement and calibration instead of the conventional one, significantly reduce the time to calibrate the workpiece. With the macro command the automatic measurement calibrates the reference point; enhance the machining accuracy. After machining, directly on-line measure the workpiece on the table; avoid the unexpected error from dismount/mount the workpiece.

Multi-workpiece machining

  • Automatic compensating the 3D flatness of workpiece.
  • Automatic compensating the parallelism of workpiece (AR)
  • Automatic machining reference point measurement.
  • Processing AWT automatic wire threading
  • Go to the next workpiece to continue processing.

Processing automation

  • Automatic compensating the parallelism of workpiece (AR)
  • Automatically calibrate the reference point
  • Processing AWT automatic wire threading
  • Automatically measure the results after machining
  • Export the measurement report


Without control

Using control

B0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm
D0 ~ -2 µm-8 ~ -10 µm