With the latest auto-off difference detection function (automatically determine discharging adjustment depending on the height of work piece) that allows precision error of overall average of work pieces of different height becomes smaller, and to reduce breakage produced in gap between big place which realizes an ideal automated processing.
With mirror power processing, work piece material of SKD11 1 +4 tool finished products, surface roughness reaches RA0.25 ~ 0.30
With applications of AWT automatic threading function, automatic getting through and cutting line to show high success rates that achieves a fully automated production of one man of multitasking.
W-axis machining of high precision, automatic rotary positioning function artificial calibration time can be shortened and human error be reduced that improves efficiency.
Material can be machined, such as graphite, hard tungsten steel alloy, artificial diamonds, material of high hardness and low-conductivity.
Tungsten steel allows male and female fittings, punch 50mm, die hole 30mm, with power mirror surface machining a +5 knife cutting up Ra 0.15.
High-piece fittings, punch 200mm, die hole 50mm, standard processing 1+2 tool manufacturing process that shows high thickness precision fit.
The applications of upper and lower profiled gear processing, which uses 4-axis simultaneous machining, allows to cut complex tooth and enable large angle processing.
The applications of W-axis machining collaborating the W-axis machining unlike the general 2D wire cutting machine that can cut limitations of a curve, and other special applications.
SKD 11 with fitting of male and female, allows to cut high-precision parts, widely used in the punch mold, plastic mold.